Q & A with Module 3 Student Cliona

Q & A with Module 3 Student Cliona

❓ What course are you studying?

👄 I am studying Module Three – Diploma in Beauty, Fashion, Theatre, Media, SFX Make Up Artistry

❓ What was included in your course?

👄 Included in my course was a professional make up kit. I was actually really impressed with how much make up was included & a 15 piece professional make up brush set and my Make Up Crew uniform which is a hoodie and T-shirt.

❓ Why did you choose The Makeup crew?

👄 I was looking to study make up at a professional level with highly skilled tutors and the make up crew deliver this and so much more. I had heard excellent reviews regarding their courses and they have lived up to their excellent reputation, all the tutors are working now in the industry so I feel like I am learning so much in every class and it’s such a fun environment. I’m based in the Temple Bar college so it’s right next to The Make Up Bar which is The Make Up Crews personal make up studio.

❓ Why make up?

👄 From an early age I have had a great interest in make up. I had studied make up before but wanted to complete make up artistry to a higher level and this course also gave me the opportunity to study special effects make up.

❓ What has been your favourite part of the course so far?

👄 I am loving everything about the course so far. I love the variety my course offers, from doing every day make up to bridal looks and then special effects which I find really interesting and creative. I also enjoy the pleasant relaxed atmosphere in the classes. From day one it has been and The Make Up Crew have been extremely welcoming.

❓ What has been your favourite thing about your Course / tutors so far?

👄 The tutors are highly skilled in their profession and have an abundance of experience between them and because of this they deliver an extremely professional training environment. They are also very encouraging and always there to help even out of hours.

❓ How has your confidence grown sense starting the course?

👄 It’s amazing how much my confidence has grown in the couple of weeks since starting the course. I’m now more confident doing make up outside of college and this is due to the encouragement from the tutors but mainly from all the skills they’ve thought me so far.

❓ What has been your highlight so far ?

👄 There has been numerous highlights but one thing that has impressed me greatly was getting the opportunity to sit in on a class with Hollywood Special effects make up artist Ali Gordon. It was amazing to see him at work and that’s another advantage to this course you get the opportunity to make contacts with the top people in the make up profession. Keira, Lisa and Annie who own The Make up crew are still working in the industry themselves so they have some many connections and it’s great as students we get to share this.

❓ What do you hope to do when you finish the course?

👄I’m hoping to get a job on a make up counter to build up experience and hopefully in the future I could set up on my own.

❓ Is there anything else you would like to add or advise other students looking to study make up artistry?

👄 To anyone looking in to a make up course that feels that they haven’t got the confidence or their not good enough go & study with The Make up crew. From people with no experience in make up to people looking to get their qualifications The Make Up crew are there to help you every step of the way I’m so glad I picked this college.


You can follow Cliona’s journey on instagram.




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