Work experience with The Makeup Crew helped me get to where I am today!

Work experience with The Makeup Crew helped me get to where I am today!

Hi my name is Tara Mulreid,

I trained with The Makeup Crew back in February 2016. When I started The Makeup Crew I had no previous makeup experience as I had previously been in Art college.  The tutors and my classmates at the crew were phenomenal, and they were completely on point with current trends as they all work in the industry.

With everything, you get out what you put in, so practice and hard work gets you far in the industry. Thankfully I got so much work experience. For example, face and body painting at forbidden fruit with Pamper Palace (Which I now do ongoing work with them), live demos and assisting in events.

These all went a long way to getting a job in Inglot Ireland straight after finishing college, where I currently work, and getting so many more opportunities there like doing Doireann Garrihy’s (blogger) makeup, masterclasses and much more. I also freelance and have successfully gotten into the bridal industry which I love!

I to this day keep in touch with classmates and tutors and couldn’t have got where I am without this college, it was a pleasure learning from fantastic tutors in such an on-trend yet diverse college!

Lots of Love,

Tara Mulreid 

If you have anymore questions you can ask me on my own snapchat:

Makeup College Dublin

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