How to know what brushes to buy starting out ?

How to know what brushes to buy starting out ?

One of the many  things our tutors get asked by the new trainee artists that join The Crew is about brushes.  How do I know what type of brush it is? Is it Duo Fibre or synthetic ?! & what is even the difference between them. There always seems to be so much to know starting out.  The right tools and brushes in your kit can make all the difference to your makeup applications & they don’t always have to be expensive either  whether you get them from a drugstore or a more higher end Artist Pro Store we will break down how to choose the right brushes.

 But how do I tell the difference ?

There is one simple test that will let you know if the brush is good quality and durable. The RUB Test! Rub the brush against your skin. The bristles and fibres should feel soft on your skin not scratchy. Also watch out for fibres falling out this can be an indicator of a poorly made or bad quality brush. You would expect minimal shedding but if it’s a lot then that is not a great sign. A good brush should transfer the makeup effectively and a professional brush should also last you for many years.

While it can be tempting to buy a set of 36 piece brushes hold off when building your collection and  as you learn as you go you will quickly figure out what brushes you will need daily and even get some wonderful recommendations from your trainers. 

7 beginners essentials

Ø  liquid foundation brush

Ø  Powder brush

Ø  Blusher Brush

Ø  eyeliner or hard angled brush for brows & Liner

Ø  Lip brush

Ø  Done shaped Blender brush  for eye shadow

Ø  Concealer   

The price of brushes vary greatly according to size and often brand. From €5.00 up often sometimes €90.00 or more depending on the quality also. Sable ,squirrel and animal hair made from delicate animal fur costing more than a man made synthetic fibre brush made of fake hair. Synthetic bristles are manmade and are usually either nylon or polyester. Often these are dyed and baked to make them softer and be more  absorbent, less prone to damage from solvents or makeup. Also synthetic brushes are great with anyone who has an issue with fur sometimes an allergy or they have a preference for non animal fibres. A general rule of thumb is that liquids are best used with a synthetic brush and powder products with a natural or animal hair brush. This is not always the case tho. You can pick up liquid concealers with a natural hair brush all depends on your technique plus you should play around and see what works for you just because a brush says LIP doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it for eyeliner. Playing around is the key !    

Keep em’ Clean

It so important as well to wash your brushes regularly as they can be a breathing ground for bacteria and the likes & you want to prevent any nasty’s that could occur. Cold sore / eye conditions etc these are things we must be mindful as professionals &  that we adhere to super clean hygiene as well. A mild detergent or in between uses you can use a mild anti bacterial brush cleaner. #FRESHKIT #GiveEm’KitEnvy #LoveYourBrushes <3

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