Why I decided to retrain in Makeup!

Why I decided to retrain in Makeup!

Hi Guys,

So I have decided to go back to college and retrain in makeup.

I trained five years ago with The Makeup Crew in Dublin. When I first started training I hadn’t a clue, I originally trained as an add on service for when I was doing nails. But once I got started a fire was lit. And now I’m an addict! I fell in love with makeup so much so I haven’t done a set of nails in years. When I started with The Makeup Crew I had a tiny little makeup bag with about six products inside it, now I have a room in my house dedicated to my makeup collection. My passion is makeup, I love how it gives me confidence and how I can be creative with makeup.

First time around my confidence and anxiety got in my way a lot. I didn’t get stuck in the way I wanted to and feel I let myself miss out on a lot during the classes. I really want to let myself make the most of the course this time around and really enjoy the experience. I want to ask all the questions I have this time round rather than being super quite and afraid of sounding stupid. I need to keep reminding myself that there is no such thing as a stupid question.

So in the five years since I trained a lot has happened, I’ve gotten married, moved house, had two beautiful little girls, started my blog, my Facebook page, Snapchat and made the huge decision not to go back to my job that I have done for twelve years. I have finally gotten the guts to make the decision to make makeup my career. My passion is makeup, I love everything about makeup. I spend all my spare time researching makeup trends, techniques and new products.

So why am I going back? I have so many reasons why…..

  • To help my confidence
  • To sharpen my skills
  • To make friends in the makeup world
  • To gain more experience
  • To sit my ITEC exam

I am heading back to retrain with The Makeup Crew, I wouldn’t dream of training anywhere else. The girls have been great over the years, even after five years of training they always recognise me and help with any questions I have had over the years. I even had the girls do my makeup on my wedding day. The trainers are very active in the industry and stay up to date with trends. All the girls are still actively working at makeup artists so are teaching from a makeup artists point of view. They are very active on Snapchat and Instagram.

It will be tough going to try and fit everything in, I will be in college every Tuesday and Wednesday for sixteen weeks and then I will have my exams. During the sixteen weeks I will also get to do a professional photoshoot to create my portfolio. I will also get the chance to do some work experience, I hope to fit in as much as I possibly can around the kids. We will have masterclasses with brands like Inglot and Makeup Forever.

I’m really excited and nervous for the next step in my makeup career and life. I hope to share as much of my journey here as possible. I can’t wait to get started.

If you want to follow my journey on my other social media platforms I have left my links below….

Snapchat: turbetbeauty (username)

Instagram: turbetbeauty

Facebook: Turbet Beauty


Can’t wait to share my journey with you all

AnnMarie xxx

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