Beauty and Beyond. Industry Trends!

Beauty and Beyond. Industry Trends!

The first part to good makeup has always been good skin! You cannot get a knock out, polished makeup without good skin. Anyone who works in the industry will tell you that skin that has been neglected or the basic skincare routine is not followed , i.e cleanse, tone, moisturise and regular exfoliate can end up with blocked pores, congestion and not so great to work on skin.

It is also always good to know as a makeup artist what’s available on the market and to keep up to date.  Evolving technology sees new beauty treatments and  new skincare ranges launching all the time. With cryotherapy the latest, all the rage with Hollywood celebrities particularly for its beauty benefits so we decided to give it a go!

So its effects on health and beauty are as follows

Increased Collagen Production

Anti ageing benefits

Reduction of any blemishes on the skin

A more youthful complexion

Even stronger nails and hair

Increased circulation

Boosts energy

Reduced inflammation and swelling

The list of wonderful things it does for the human body including our skin seems to be endless ….. But what is cryotherapy? It’s a chamber filled with liquid nitrogen (that presents as more of a vapour than a liquid )  and drops the body temperature to -150 degrees celsius! SERIOUSLY COLD !!!

Treatment last for up to 3 minutes per session and the feeling of the cold has been compared to that of taking a plug bath in cold water but with way more amazing rejuvenating benefits.

We are always in agreement for looking out for your skin so let so see if it can produce the results it says!

Cryotherapy is available for as little as €89 for an intro offer @ South William Clinic & Spa.

It’s definitely for sure a frosty experience lets hope our skin feels the all the wonders listed above!!!



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