Why Zoey Begley decided to study our Diploma in Makeup & Fashion in Limerick.

Why Zoey Begley decided to study our Diploma in Makeup & Fashion in Limerick.

Hi my name is Zoey Begley, I recently finished the Module 2 Diploma in Makeup & Fashion with The Makeup Crew in Limerick. I have always loved the art of makeup and the way one stroke of a brush can change the whole look and have a completely different outcome.

I have practiced makeup since I was young with many sleepless nights and countless YouTube tutorials that really helped me with my technique but even after hundreds of videos I still found it difficult to transfer what I had learned onto someone else’s face, you’re working from a completely different angle with unfamiliar face shapes and completely unaware of the pressure your using. I wanted to do a course that enabled me to work on other people and expand my knowledge on all the different skin types and face shapes.

When I saw The Makeup Crew pop up on my Facebook feed I was instantly drawn to it and within minutes I was on the phone enrolling myself, this is one of the best decisions that I ever made, my skills came on leaps and bounds and suddenly I was able to create all the looks that I wanted on other people’s faces.

We were taught the ins and outs of what it is to be a makeup artist from hygiene procedures to making sure that your client is left with a pleasant experience.  We learned face shapes, application technique, different styles of makeup and skin types in depth. We also did a photo shoot where a professional photographer photographed our looks which was such a great opportunity. I realise now that I took so much more from The Makeup Crew than I had originally thought I needed, without it I wouldn’t have known the first thing about working in the makeup industry or getting started as a free-lance makeup artist.
Our tutor, Blaithin made the experience so enjoyable for all of us, everyday was fun and exciting. She really helped me with my confidence on a professional and personal level and gave me the courage to get out there and start showing people my work. I had such a positive experience in The Makeup Crew, it has helped me develop so much as an artist and I would highly recommend it no matter what level your skills are.


You can follow Zoe’s Makeup Journey on Instagram www.instagram.com/zoebegley_makeup

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