Summer Skin – So what works & why?

Summer Skin – So what works & why?

Well we all want the super amazing skin that you don’t need to put foundation or heavy concealers on now that the summer is finally arriving!
So our pro team have gathered THE Ultimate kit essentials that we use at The Makeup Crew to really polish & perfect skin due to all there amazing active ingredients. Active ingredients are  we suppose in Layman’s term that stuff that really penetrates the skin to make some changes from the superficial top layers giving it a better over all nourished and enhanced appearance.
Mac Charged Gel is an ideal summer moisturiser as the consistency of this fabulous gel is instantly hydrating but does not sit on the surface of the skin. It dries in almost like a primer but you can visibly see the hydration is put into the skin. Making it look bouncy and plump!
Another Skin Delight is Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream – a particularly trusty favourite. Also aiding in skin smoothness and over all unbelievable texture helping products sit there best on the skin but in order to achieve this we would recommend to use this as an overnight mask and really indulge your skin. This wonder product also has healing and restorative ingredients that replenish skin. It is also a fantastic lip salve and great to use as a softening product pre makeup application for an incredible lip application.
On the more serious side of skin care a massive concern is pigmentation disorders due to over exposure to the sun or having no sun protection that is why The Murad Vit C Daily Moisturiser with Spf 30 is not only protecting but also using vitamin C as in ingredient can help to reduce previous skin damage from the sun and also give the skin an illminiousity like no other.
So top tips this summer to help with no wearing so much makeup – Invest in good skin care, SPF’s a Must and treat yourself to something Vit.C your skin will thank you!!!

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