Studying at The Makeup Crew from a Males perspective.

Studying at The Makeup Crew from a Males perspective.

Hey everyone,
I’m currently studying Module 2 with The Make Up Crew. The course runs for 16 weeks Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  For as long as I can remember I have always loved make up. I spent many an evening watching my mam in awe as she would put on her face for a night out. And it was more than once I was called out of class in school for having a little too much eyeliner or brow product on.
After school I went on and studied Veterinary Nursing, I completed the course and got my degree but in truth my heart wasn’t 100% in it.

This year I decided that I would bite the bullet and take the journey into the make up world.
I made a New Years resolution and for once I stuck to it.

What I found so appealing about The Make Up Crew was that from the very first phone call everyone was so genuinely warm and welcoming.
From day one we were made feel that we were part of ‘The Crew’.

What I like most about The Make Up Crew is that there are no set rules when it comes to make up. They welcome and nurture each persons style. You are not forced to use a particular method or tool but rather given help how to polish your look.
There is a very chilled atmosphere in the crew and that makes learning so much easier.

Choosing to study with The Make Up Crew was one of the best decisions I’ve made. My confidence has skyrocketed and most importantly I found something that I love doing. Something that doesn’t feel like work.
When I finish my course I would love to find work on counter or in a salon.
I love the atmosphere and working with other people.

My advice to anyone looking to study make up artistry would be to give it 110%. eat breath and sleep make up.

I find myself analysing people’s skin type and tone all the time or even what colours or look would suit them.
I could be on the train or in a cafe and I just find myself staring into these peoples face.

That’s testament to how engrossed I’ve become.

Other than that I would say to never doubt yourself. The only boundaries you have are the ones you set in your own head. If you believe you won’t succeed chances are you wont. But if you keep improving and practicing each day who knows how far you’ll go?

Lastly I’d say just to have fun isn’t that what it’s all about.


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