Is Mascara just a Mascara? We take a closer look at some of our favourite products!

Is Mascara just a Mascara? We take a closer look at some of our favourite products!

Is a mascara just a mascara ? Well I for one would have been one of those makeup artists who would have been of the opinion that yes in fact mascara is just mascara. If you want a bolder lash ,well you just put on more. Well lately I decided to return to my internal mascara battle and  try to test some more and see what all the fuss is about. Why is it the number one return to product for women with certain brands. So I picked 3 favourite’s from all the ones I tried because they really did have some super benifit’s and quailities to them. Coming in at no. 3 was MAC Water based Extended Play – as I have quite a small amount of lashs due to semi permant lash extensions ,and they do of course  as with any add on to our natural self ,cause a certain amount damage to the natural structure there by the need for lash products that work on truly enhancing my peepers and my clients peepers!

3. Extended Play –by MAC this waterbased product comes off like a dream and you do not need an oily based remover to get it off. You can remove it with warm cotton discs and another plus side is that because it is waterbased you may use them on your semi permanant lashs also.

2. YSLVolume Effect Faux – this cult classic just delivers it really does in one swip give you beautiful lashes and my favourite part is YSL come in a choiceof tones to suit your eye colour to really make your eyes pop! So if you are a hazel baabe why not try some of the more mauve/purple undertone one to really enhance your eye colour.

1. CODE VML – Volumising Lenghtening Mascara – So this was THE ultimate favourite. They also do one called FFL Forget False Lashes but VML by Code adds this what seems like well magic to your existing lashs. These tiny micro fibres in the mascara grab on and coat your lashes with what can only be described as fablousness. Your lashes appear longer , thicker and have super volume! On looking at the ingredients as i am obsessed with what is in my products it contains panthenol  to condition and encourage new lash growth!! So an all round great choice of mascara for ones makeup bag plus I just loved loved loved how they looked finished and ultimatly that was the deciding factor!


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