Phoebe Lott’s Backstage Experience at The Bride of year show!

Phoebe Lott’s Backstage Experience at The Bride of year show!

This weekend I worked my first backstage event as a student with the Makeup Crew. I was terrified but excited as I had never done anything like this before and didn’t know what to expect. I arrived on the saturday and was briefed by Keira on the look who was chef make up artists and is also one of my college tutors, The look which was a soft bridal look with glowing skin but impactful.

The first Model Sat down in my seat and as soon as I started her makeup I was at ease and didn’t know why I was so worried. I did a total of two models that day and also got the chance to do the makeup on the mother of the bride which was selected on the day from the audience, I was so excited keira had faith in me to do this makeover she talked me through everything which was great because I was a little nervous working on mature skin. I also watched the show and got to see the makeup showcased on stage which was amazing to see the difference of how it looked under the lights on stage to how it looked backstage. Keira had said this would happen but I couldn’t believe the difference in the make up when I seen it for myself.

There were two shows on each day and we had to be on hand for touch ups between shows and anything that needed to be fixed in between. Keira our college tutor also gave us each individual feedback on our looks which I loved because I realised things I would have done differently or in the future working on catwalk shows.

I arrived on the second day with more confidence as I knew what to expect. As I was setting up, one of the models asked me to do her makeup for her again as she loved it the first day which I was very happy about.

There was also students from the class that hadn’t been there the first day so I briefed them on the look to ensure they were comfortable with the expectations of the day. Again I got the chance to complete the makeover for the mother of the bride who also happened to be a bride herself. I had such an amazing weekend meeting new people and learning the ins and outs of the backstage action and would like to thank The Makeup Crew for the fabulous experience.

Phoebe Lott.


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