Chrissy O Callaghan Ward speaks about what was the highlight for her whilst studying at The Makeup Crew.

Chrissy O Callaghan Ward speaks about what was the highlight for her whilst studying at The Makeup Crew.

I chose The Makeup Crew because for me, they stood out. Having explored many other courses,I decided to study Makeup Artistry and Skin Care Module 1 with The Makeup Crew. To me they were the most appealing and diverse Makeup College out there. The Makeup Crew are well established and offer recognised certification through the extensive knowledge and experience of the professional tutors.

My favourite thing about the course was learning skills that allow me to produce a wide range of looks that I felt I wouldn’t have been able to achieve without this training. I very much enjoyed the different makeup approaches from the tutors and learning as well from other students.

The highlight of the course for me was definitely the work experience that comes from The Makeup Crew. I was so grateful to be given this opportunity as without it I would never have known what it was like to work behind the scenes of shows. It really boosted my confidence in my own makeup skills and helped me to overcome the fear of doing my first makeup gig.

One piece of advice I would give is to just go for it. There really is nothing to lose, you will either learn that you love it or realise it’s not for you, but one way or another you’re going to enjoy yourself. The atmosphere in my group was incredible, we all got along so well and really inspired each other. Makeup is the best way to express yourself openly and if you’re thinking about it as a career you can’t go wrong.

I currently do some freelance work to get me by as it is a great way to keep upskilling and earn money but I am currently studying a non-makeup related course. I do intend to keep it up and would love to study SFX makeup in the future.

The best thing a makeup artist setting out on their own can do is to advertise and network, get talking to other makeup artists, word of mouth in this industry is key! Get your name out there, practice on your friends, take lots of pictures, post pictures regularly, people like to see your progress, but also remember to enjoy yourself while you’re doing it!


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